A photo of Kakajan Komurov. 
Principal Investigator: Kakajan Komurov, PhD

The availability of well-annotated and matched large genomic datasets from tens of thousands of human patients is a “gold mine” in terms of understanding human diseases. These resources have the potential to revolutionize the way biomedical research is conducted, as they allow researchers to gain insight into the clinically relevant mechanisms of disease “from scratch.” However, these resources are severely underused, largely due to the difficulty of accessing them, and lack of user-friendly tools for their interrogation by most biologists and clinicians.

Here, we propose to build a web portal that will allow the users to access and interrogate the existing large genomic resources. This portal, Prism, will operate on a powerful back-end pipeline using the facilities of R, a comprehensive statistical programming environment. The central analytic engine in Prism will be structural equation modeling, which will allow for integration of multiple types of data for modeling of complex relationships between biological entities.