Bruce J. Aronow, PhD
Professor, Director of Bioinformatics Core Department of Pediatrics; Division of Biomedical Informatics
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Description of Research 

Dr. Aronow is the Director of the Bioinformatics Core. He is a computational biologist who analyzes and combines data from many different technologies to improve understanding of biological samples and complex systems. He analyzes data on gene expression microarrays, NextGen sequencing based RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, and genome resequencing data based on biological sampling and experimentation for the effects of genes, development, cell differentiation, and drug-induced perturbations. Their approach is geared around characterizing biological systems as dynamic networks that relate whole-genome analyses of the structure, function, and expression of genes, transcripts and proteins in cellular, physiological, and disease-affected contexts. Dr. Aronow has developed bioinformatics applications and databases that facilitate the detection of conserved structural features that contribute to gene regulation and function, harmful SNPs or mutations that confer disease risk, and improved recognition of gene-anatomy and gene-disease associations.   



Dr. Aronow collaborates with: 1) Dr. Bezerra on studying pathogenic mechanisms of bile duct injury; 2) Dr. Denson on identifying genomic signatures in IBD; 3) Dr. Grabowski on the transcriptome pathways in the liver of lysosomal acid lipase knockout mice, 4) Dr. Potter in defining the transcriptome of the developing kidney, 5) Dr. Rothenberg in unraveling causes and modifiers of eosinophilic esophagitis, and 6) Dr. Noah Shroyer in the development, differentiation, and tumorigenesis of the gastrointestinal tract.