Thomas H. Inge, MD, PhD
Associate Professor and Surgical Director of the Comprehensive Weight Program
Department of Pediatrics; Division of General and Thoracic Surgery


Description of Research

Understanding the relative benefits of surgically induced weight reduction on comorbidities in adolescents compared to older subjects is important for determining optimal timing of this intervention. Dr. Inge will test the hypothesis that bariatric surgical intervention will more effectively improve weight and comorbidities in adolescents compared to adults undergoing bariatric surgery. Additionally, Dr. Inge is the surgical director of the multi-center Teen-Longitudinal Assessment of Bariatric Surgery (Teen-LABS). The primary goal of the Teen-LABS study is to collect baseline characteristics and postoperative outcomes of adolescents who are undergoing bariatric surgery in an effort to assess safety and efficacy of bariatric surgery. This will allow for the determination of the relative merits of early surgery in youth as well as a better understanding of the plasticity of important medical and psychosocial obesity-related comorbidities. Moreover, the Teen-LABS study will provide critical scientific information to inform clinical decision-making regarding appropriate timing of bariatric surgery.  


Collaborations and Core Use

Dr. Inge collaborates with Drs. Zeller, D’Alessio, Kohli, and Xanthakos studying the psychological and physiologic impact of morbid obesity in adolescents. Anticipated Core Use: Gene and Protein Expression, Bioinformatics, and Integrative Morphology Cores.