Nives Zimmermann, MD
Associate Professor
Department of Pediatrics; Division of Allergy and Immunology
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Description of Research

Dr. Zimmermann's laboratory is mainly focused on deciphering mechanisms of allergic diseases. Eosinophils are the hallmark cell of allergic inflammation. The long-term goals of her laboratory is to understand the mechanisms of eosinophilia with the ultimate aim of changing the outcome of eosinophil-mediated diseases. A variety of approaches are undertaken, including animal modeling and ex vivo cell and molecular biology. Currently, she is focused on understanding the molecular mechanisms of eosinophil survival in allergic inflammation of the gastrointestinal system; in other words, why are eosinophils recruited and why they stay and lead to disease in some people and not in others.

Collaborations and Core Use

Dr. Zimmermann collaborates with Drs. Rothenberg and Hogan on eosinophilic esophagitis as well as food allergies. Additionally, she works with Dr. Montrose investigating the regulation of pH in health and disease. Anticipated use of Cores: Integrative Morphology and Gene and Protein Expression Cores.