Global Health Center

Program Testimonials

Yamada.Kohdai Yamada, Nara, Japan, and mentor, Masahide Sakabe

J-1 research scholar - Experimental Hematology and Cancer Biology

I was training at the division of Experimental Hematology and Cancer Biology for two and a half months. I did research on the role of Gαs during heart development. My supervisor, Mr. Sakabe kindly taught me a lot of things to me. It was a very valuable experience to me.




Henrich.Mauricio Henrich, Aalborg, Denmark, and mentor, Bob Coghill

J-1 research scholar - Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Psychology

I had a very productive trip collaborating with mentors at Cincinnati Children's and learned a lot through the process. Would recommend others to come and do this!




DiPietro.Dr. Flavia Di Pietro, Sydney, Australia

Observer - Anesthesia Research- Pain Management

I am a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Sydney, Australia. I received my PhD in 2014 and I research the role of the brain in chronic (i.e. persistent) pain. I was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship in 2017, which enabled me to spend four months at Cincinnati Children's working with Professor Bob Coghill and his team at the Pain Research Center. I am extremely fortunate to have had this experience, and I look forward to returning to Cincinnati Children's for a short period in the future.

Pain in children is a huge and an important issue we need to understand better if we are to treat it effectively – and non-invasively. We have established a project investigating sensation and perception of touch on the skin in children and adolescents with widespread pain. I look forward to continuing this important work and our international collaboration, and I am grateful to Professor Coghill and his team, and the Global Health Team at Cincinnati Children's, for everything they have done to make this such a worthwhile experience.

Wong.Dr. Kathy Wong, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Observer - Radiology

I am a radiologist from Hong Kong. I visited the Cincinnati Children's in September 2017 to October 2017 for my clinical attachment at the Department of Radiology. Cincinnati Children's is not only one of the top children’s hospitals in the US, but also one of the top in the world. I was thoroughly impressed by the hospital organization, and the high quality of care provided to patients, as well as staff’s dedication and professionalism. It was an eye opener to observe the top-notched facilities and research during my time at the Cincinnati Children's and witnessed the dedicated teams at work.

Before my visit, I was put in contact with the International Visitors Office at the Global Health Center of Cincinnati Children's. The specialists in the Global Health Office, offered tremendous help and took excellent care of all the international visitors, making us felt very much at home.

I owe my greatest gratitude to the Department of Radiology, the international visitor office and the Global health Center at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. It was a fruitful and fulfilling experience to learn and participate in the Cincinnati Children's community. I recommend the Cincinnati Children's unreservedly to potential visitors and staffs who are considering working there.

Elmomani.Dr Bashar Elmomani, Amman, Jordan

Observer - Plastic Surgery- Craniofacial

My decision to visit Cincinnati Children's Craniofacial department was based on previous international meetings were I met a devoting leading plastic surgeon Dr. van Aalst, as an Orthodontist working closely with plastic and maxillofacial surgeons visiting Cincinnati Children's was a very profitable experience; observing in clinics with Dr. Babiker (craniofacial surgeon) and Dr. Campbell (orthodontist) was both mind opener and fruitful, also attending the minor and major regular craniofacial meetings introduced me to how multidisciplinary care is coordinated for each craniofacial patient were pediatrics, genetics, speech therapies, orthodontists and surgeons all see patients and then meet to discuss treatment modalities.

During my visit I had a great welcoming from all staff, a huge help to get the best of my observership and many new colleagues and friends. Thank you Cincinnati Children's for really changing the outcomes together for the better.

Stagaard.Dr Rikke Stagaard, Denmark

J1 research scholar

I am a Danish researcher with a background in Molecular Biomedicine. In 2014 I was enrolled as an industrial PhD student at Novo Nordisk A/S and University of Copenhagen. The main focus of my PhD project was to investigate the role of fibrinolysis in the bleeding disorder haemophilia A. As part of my education I was offered to work as a visiting scientist for one year in the laboratory of Matthew J. Flick at Cincinnati Children's, who is a world-leader on knockout mouse models relevant to coagulation and fibrinolysis research. During my stay I learned several new techniques, increased my scientific knowledge, improved my scientific writing skills, and obtained results that was pivotal for my research, and helped me obtained my PhD degree in 2018. While at Cincinnati Children's, I also made several helpful connections with both researchers in Cancer Blood and Diseases Institute and International Specialists in the Global Health Center that has been very helpful in my pursuit to continue my scientific career.

Juan Sebastian Moncada Lopez.Juan Sebastian Moncado Lopez

J1 research intern in Immunobiology from Medellin, Columbia

At the Divanovic Lab in the Division of Immunobiology in Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center I worked for almost the first semester of 2020. I examined the role of obesity-driven modifications and other mutations in male reproductive health in experimental models, specifically I quantified the essential parameters of the epididymal sperm quality, including motility, count and morphology. The experience at Cincinnati Children's was incredible and greatly strengthened my research skills.

Dorina Zapf

J1 research scholar in Immunobiology from the University of Lubeck, Germany

My experience with the Global Health Office was great! Whatever question regarding my stay overseas came up, the office immediately helped me by answering the question directly or getting the information absolutely fast. The office looked after me and checked whether I got all the needed documents and whether all my travel arrangements were made. When I arrived at the hospital everything was organized and structured and I could start right away. I never was concerned about my stay, since this great team guided me all the time.

Johanne Rumley

PhD student from Denmark who collaborated with David Moore in CSRC (Communication Sciences Research Center)

I had a wonderful stay in Cincinnati. This was made possible because I had a wonderful person who assisted me in so many aspects of my stay both on both personal and professional levels. The process before actually getting there can be confusing, but I got heaps of help and guidance on getting all the documentation that was needed. Coming there I got so much great advice on what to do, what to see and where to eat. I felt like I was welcomed with open arms because of the very invested personnel - that made a world of a difference to me and my stay.

Imke Lingel (MS)

PhD student at the University of Luebeck, Germany

J1 Research Scholar in Immunobiology

I came to Cincinnati Children´s Hospital Medical Center (Immunobiology Department) in April 2017 through a German Research Foundation-funded international PhD program (IRTG 1911). I stayed for one year and was warmly welcomed by the specialists of the International Visitor´s Office (Global Health Center). Prior to my stay, much of the necessary administrational work was performed by the office, which largely enabled me to prepare my actual stay at the Cincinnati Children's, planning and discussing the scientific research projects with my German and American mentors. In terms of organizing my stay, everything went smoothly and I was guided professionally and attentively through the process: J1 visa application, registration at the international office of the University of Cincinnati, health insurance questions, and travel arrangements. I never felt at loss, questions were always answered within the same day.

Claudia Schweiger

Attending Otolaryngologist at Hospital de Clincas de Porto Alegre, Porto Alegre, Brazil

J1 research scholar in ENT for 18 months as a Research Fellow, working directly with Mike Rutter.

The Global Health Center was essential during my 18 month-period Research Fellowship in Cincinnati. Actually, people there were my support system for much longer than that! They helped me a lot before I get there, and kept assisting me after I came back to Brazil. They are not only an administrative office to get you a place to live and to help you with all the paperwork you need – they do it very personally and friendly.