The major lab consists of 2,300 square feet. One laboratory of 750 square feet contains all equipment for tissue preparation, both for conventional histology and for EM analyses. A third laboratory, within the same hallway, of approximately 200 square feet is reserved for in situ hybridization, cryosectioning and microscopy. An additional set of laboratories (approximately 400 square feet) is available for the isolated heart preparations, while surgical suites in the animal facilities are used for analyses in the intact animals.

Computer support includes 10 Macintosh G4 computers and four Windows-based PCs. The computers have access to CodoniX and Phaser 740 color printers, as well as the division’s color Xerox copier. We are online directly through a hard-wired fiber optical backbone.

All major items of equipment are in place, including items needed for pathology, myocyte preparations, pathology / histology and the physiology-based studies. These include: Olympus BX60 compound and two dissecting microscopes (Nikon and Olympus) equipped for photomicrography using brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast and fluorescent optics, microtomes, a Reichert-Jung Ultracut ultramicrotome, LKB knifemaker for preparation of glass knives, Leica paraffin embedding station, cryostat, freezers, refrigerators and centrifuges. Small equipment such as water baths, computers, hybridization ovens, staining stations, freezers and refrigerators are also in place.

The custom-built rabbit heart and mouse heart perfusion apparatus includes peristaltic pumps, micro-pressure and flow transducers, syringe pumps, solution reservoirs and tissue baths. The system is entirely digitally monitored and manipulated through a Micro-Med digital acquisition system. The in vivo set-up using Millar catheters for closed chest preparations is housed in the same laboratory space and is also fully operational. A Hewlett-Packard Sonos 2500 Ultrasound System is housed in a dedicated animal cath lab and is regularly used to acquire echocardiographic hemodynamic data. An integrated skinned fiber measurement system made by Scientific Instruments is also in regular use. This self-contained apparatus allows for real-time force and velocity measurements from various types of muscle fiber preparations. Finally, custom-built exercise wheels and implantable telemetric heart-rate and EKG monitoring systems are also available and in use.


The lab runs and has access to a rich infrastructure of cores. These include confocal and electron microscopes, transgenic and gene targeting cores, adenovirus and cardiomyocyte cores, histology and physiology cores that allow open and closed chest measurements, as well as the isolated heart systems. The usual cores of oligo preparation and DNA sequencing are also on site. 

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