Collaborations with Anderson Center and co-PI Peter Margolis

C3N is an innovation lab, where patients, clinicians and researchers work together as co-designers in a learning, social production system for health that aims to transform the system of chronic illness care for IBD. By combining large data registries and making them accessible and interactive, C3N drives action and innovation to create a more reliable and accountable care delivery system for children and their families dealing with chronic gastrointestinal diseases. And with an open-source framework, this project is developing a means to overcome barriers that involve concerns about intellectual property, data sharing and privacy, and medicolegal liability. C3N is the future of chronic illness care. And it is already in play.

Active C3N Prototypes

Passive Tracking of Patient Outcomes
This mobile app allows a patient to effortlessly upload data, just by walking around. This means, the user's cell phone becomes a sensor for tracking their outcomes.

"N of 1" Trials
The Trials are experiments designed by both patients and clinicians to determine how individual, IBD patients respond to specific treatments or interventions.

By combining responses from specific questions about a patient's IBD with their everyday Facebook interests, a profile is created and matches the user with similar people and relatable groups.

Mentoring Program
A way to block the road of "suffering in silence" for IBD patients by pairing mentors and mentees who are going through similar stages of their disease.

Tools for Patient and Family Self-Management
Tools that enhance patient education, activate patients to help them ask questions, and improve communication.

Building Community Leadership
Helping to grow this community that we call the C3N.