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Reading and Literacy Discovery Center (RLDC)

Reading and Literacy Discovery Center (RLDC)

The Reading and Literacy Discovery Center (RLDC) is a program within the Communication Science Research Center that integrates neuroscience, genetics and behavioral research methods with evidence-based reading interventions to improve childhood literacy by identifying reading difficulties before they happen. Through ongoing research and collaborative partnerships with universities, community organizations, local schools, and parents, the RLDC aims to enable every child to discover reading as a path to learning.

The RLDC staff is made up of researchers, educators, pediatricians, speech pathologists and reading specialists. With a common focus on improving childhood literacy, the RLDC staff provides children and their families with a comprehensive approach to addressing reading difficulties and potential reading disorders by providing evaluations, resources and referrals.

Research Study

  • Research Study for Children With Reading Difficulties

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