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Your child’s care coordination is an essential part of our program and plan of care at the Perlman Center. Our social workers understand your challenges. Our care coordinators help you find the resources you need at Cincinnati Children’s and in the community, provide one-on-one support and counseling and provide education important to your child’s development and education. This support is important to your family’s well-being and promotes your child’s progress. That’s why our social workers who have the experience and expertise to provide the best possible care coordination are members of every child’s multidisciplinary team.
We developed the Integrated Therapy model at the Perlman Center for the young child from infancy to kindergarten as a way of responding to the critical learning and developmental needs of this age group and to recognize your important role as parents.  Unlike conventional outpatient therapy, our therapy is designed to provide small groups of children with frequent and extended contact with a dedicated interdisciplinary team of occupational, physical and speech therapists −  all in one environment.  An early childhood specialist and a social worker complete our care team.

Our Early Intervention Program offers a “first program” for the family and children who have been diagnosed with cerebral palsy or other significant physical motor delays.  Within the small-group model, our team of occupational, physical and speech therapists and a developmental specialist works with your family and your child to lay the foundation for successful growth and development.  The care team provides one-on-one therapy combined with focused parental education to address your child’s physical and developmental needs, as well as equipment needs. 

The program provides opportunities for parent-to-parent support and information sharing, which often results in long-standing relationships. As with all Perlman programs, care and resource coordination is provided by the team social worker.

Children with cerebral palsy and other physical conditions often require more than one therapy during their critical preschool years.  The Perlman Center offers a one-of-a-kind holistic approach that recognizes the unique needs of kids during this age.  The program offers a quality preschool environment with opportunities for your child to engage in activities and interact with peers.  However, the primary focus of the program is to provide the occupational, physical and speech therapy that your child needs to improve function and maximize participation.

To get the best possible outcomes, therapies are integrated, coordinated and comprehensive. Our therapists work together and focus their attention on  assessment and implementing a variety of individual and group treatment options aimed at improving active participation and overall health and development.  The following are key components of every child’s plan of care:

  • Communication
  • Emergent literacy
  • Physical access
  • Mobility
  • 24-hour positioning
  • Strength training

We infuse your child’s program with the most advanced assistive technology and therapy equipment and apply it in innovative ways to maximize  participation.

Therapists work with small groups for extended  2½-hour sessions two or three times a week.  Our therapists are better able to see how children apply new  skills, identify target areas that need attention and stay connected with you as parents.  Working closely with their team, therapists understand and support the treatment goals of each other’s discipline.  Social workers provide the  care and resource coordination that is so important to your family and child.  As your child approaches kindergarten, the Perlman team works with your family and school to  ensure a successful transition.

Technology can be life-changing for children and adults with cerebral palsy and many other physically limiting conditions.  Applying technology to enhance participation in everyday life is what the Perlman Center does best.

We are a regional resource for the most advanced assistive technology applications. Our state-of-the-art lab and expert interdisciplinary teams combine to offer families the very best comprehensive evaluations and training. We match the right technology to individual needs and support ongoing use and integration in everyday life. We provide a comprehensive evaluation, funding support and  training for:

  • Augmentative communication
  • Power mobility
  • 24-hour positioning
  • Computer access
  • Environmental controls
  • Exercise technology

We offer specialized programs to enhance skills in using technology for school-age kids and adults and supporting school-based therapists.

>Learn more about our Assistive Technology Project.

We designed the Perlman Center Aquatic Therapy Program  for children with cerebral palsy and other physically limiting conditions.  A physical therapist certified by the Aquatic Therapy Research Institute leads the therapy, using the benefits of warm water to relax muscles, promote flexibility and develop strength and endurance.  We provide aquatic therapy one on one and in small groups where peers motivate and encourage each other.  We encourage parents and caregivers to participate.

We recognize the important role that siblings play in the lives of their brothers and sisters who have disabilities. That’s why we offer a special program just for them. Sibshops is a nationally recognized program that celebrates the unique contributions of siblings. We provide the program quarterly on Saturdays. We provide a fun, relaxed group environment where we share feelings and fun. Each Sibshop is different, carefully designed by a team of Cincinnati Children’s professionals and volunteers and led by a Perlman social worker.

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Children who have cerebral palsy and other physically limiting conditions often face serious challenges when they enter school.  This is especially true for students who rely on technology to communicate, use a computer or access their school environment.  We place a priority on making sure that your child has the continuing therapy and assistive technology support she needs to be successful in school.  Establishing a partnership with schools is key to us.  We get involved with schools at critical transition periods, providing detailed information regarding equipment needs, assistive technology and goals for performance improvement and physical access.  Assisted by the  care coordination provided by the team social workers, the Perlman therapy teams stay connected to support school therapists and teachers as well as to provide periodic assistive technology evaluations and special summer and after-school enrichment programs for the kids. 
Adults with cerebral palsy and other disabilities find specialized support at the Perlman Center.  Through our assistive technology program, we help adults lead more independent and productive lives.  Whether it’s to help with higher education, career development, job performance, or to improve independence, fitness and quality of life, our team works with each individual to find the right technology solutions.

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Cincinnati Children’s offers online tools to bookmark your favorite pages on the website as well as to give you access to your child’s medical records online. You may view things such as test results, list of medications and appointments. Learn more about MyChart
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