Adult Congenital Heart Disease
Support Groups

Support Groups for Congenital Heart Disease

When you are faced with a lifelong heart condition such as adult congenital heart disease, it can help to connect with others who understand what you’re going through. Support groups offer a way to bring people together to share information, to help reduce stress and anxiety, and to provide education. Support groups that may be of interest to adults with congenital heart disease include:

  • The Congenital Heart Network of Greater Cincinnati, whose mission is to conquer CHD. Their goal is to provide support and education to help improve the lives of those who have congenital heart disease and their families.
  • Adult CHD Survivors of Cincinnati, whose aim is to bring a voice to the ACHD community. They work with several local ACHD/CHD organizations to offer support to those in Greater Cincinnati and beyond.

Learn more about both of these CHD support groups, including contact information and Facebook groups.

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