What is Transition?

Health care transition can mean many things. One is a focused , planned movement of adolescents and young adults from a pediatric focused care model to an adult program.  It can also be a way for teens to take responsibility for their health. Transition planning is now recognized as a necessary educational and therapeutic process to support the ongoing health of teens, beginning  sooner than  18 years.

Ready SET (Start Empowering Teens) Go is a three part transition program,  built around important information for the Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) patient but personalized to the individual’s interests and goals for transition.

Why Transition for CHD? 

CHD requires lifelong follow up to prevent complications such as arrhythmias, heart failure, infection, stroke and premature death.  It is our mission to design an individualized plan for each adolescent to move smoothly from a dependent role in his or her healthcare to one of independence and self care, according to their level of ability.  Our multidisciplinary team provides evaluation, education, coordination, and clinical support to ensure the transition to adult care is smooth.


Ready SET Go will target cardiac patients 14 years and above who are being followed by a Cincinnati Children's physician.


Who – A Transition Nurse, with experience in cardiology and specialized training in the transition process for adolescents will work in conjunction with a Transitional Medicine physician and your child’s health care team.

When – Transition readiness will be evaluated on all CHD patients 14 - 18 years or by referral from a Cincinnati Children's physician.

Where Transition evaluation and education will occur as part of the CHD clinic visit.  Health education seminars and support groups will be offered for adolescents and their caregivers.

The plan – An individualized transition plan will be developed with the adolescent, based on their learning needs and transition goals.  The caregiver is an integral part of the transition process and support is offered to them.  Key knowledge points include knowledge of medical condition including any corrective surgery, ongoing medical management, lifestyle choices, and health care.

For More Information

Visit our congenital heart transition website iHeartChange.org. The content is designed specifically for congenital heart disease, lifestyle choices and their effect on your health, information on how to manage your healthcare, and resources to help you be as healthy as possible.