James Geller Assumes Leadership Roles for Children’s Oncology Group

James Geller.CBDI’s James Geller, MD, is the lead researcher on an upcoming national clinical trial to better treat and diagnose aggressive forms of Wilms tumor. A component of the trial is based on discoveries about the role of a mutation to the p53 gene that were published by Geller and other members of the Children’s Oncology Group (COG) Renal Tumor Committee (RTC) in October.

Working with the COG researchers, Geller learned that patients with anaplastic Wilms tumors that lack p53 mutations seem to have a better prognosis compared with patients with anaplastic Wilms tumors that do have p53 mutations. For this reason, they determined that methods to rapidly detect the p53 mutation in Wilms patients are needed. The results of their research were published on Oct. 4, 2016, in the journal Clinical Cancer Research.

The upcoming new Wilms tumor clinical trial led by Geller includes treatment arms for both anaplastic Wilms tumor as well as for relapsed Wilms tumor, which makes it the first dedicated relapsed Wilms tumor study to be conducted in the US since 2002, and the first to be conducted by the COG.

In addition to his clinical trials leadership roles for the Children’s Oncology Group Renal Tumor and Developmental Therapeutics Committees, Geller serves as Chair of Developmental Therapeutics initiatives on behalf of the COG Renal Tumor Committee and has recently been appointed as the Renal Tumor Committee’s Vice Chair.

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