Clinical Trials / Research Studies
Clinical Trials / Research Studies

Study for Children and Teens 5 to 15 Years Old Who Will be Receiving Their First COVID-19 Vaccine

Why are we doing this research?

Cincinnati Children’s is conducting a research study to learn more about how the COVID-19 vaccine affects children and teens. This is an observational study, so participants will NOT receive the vaccine as part of the study.

Who can participate?

Children and teens 5 to 15 years old who will be receiving their first mRNA COVID-19 vaccine may be eligible.


  • COVID-19/Coronavirus
  • Vaccines
  • Healthy Infants, Children and Adolescent Studies

What will happen in the study?

This study includes 6 study visits over 7 to 9 months, with 2 of the visits in person and the other 4 are by phone or text. Here are some of the things that will happen in this study.

  • At each visit, we will ask you about your child’s health history, vaccination history and current medications.
  • After each COVID-19 vaccine, you and your child will fill out a simple diary for seven days to record any side effects from the vaccine.
  • We will draw blood from your child at the two in-person study visits.
  • You, and your child if they are age 12 or older, will also be asked about your and their perceptions of the COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Vaccines are NOT given as part of this study. The COVID-19 vaccine and any other vaccines will be given as part of your child’s regular care and are not considered study procedures.

What are the good things that can happen from this research?

Your child will not have a direct medical benefit from taking part in this study. Information learned from this study may help researchers better understand the health effects of COVID-19 vaccines in children and teens. It may also help researchers learn whether the COVID-19 vaccines and other standard of care vaccines are safe to be given on the same day.

What are the bad things that can happen from this research?

We will discuss possible risks or discomforts with parents, children and teens interested in learning more about the study.

Will you/your child be paid to be in this research study?

Participants will receive up to $200 for time and travel.


Contact Us.

To sign up or to learn more go to:

Or contact the study team at:
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
3333 Burnet Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45229-3039

Study Doctor

Contact Us.

Elizabeth Schlaudecker, MD, MPH
Infectious Diseases
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center