OCTR Leadership

Medical Director

JP Clancy, MD


Leslie Sullivan-Stacey, JD

Regulatory Affairs & Clinical/Translational Research

Sheri Selk, MS, MBA, CCRP


OCTR Staff

Audrey Tramber, Administrative Assistant

Contracts and Budgets

Pamela Jordan, Manager
Laura Bohmer, Contracts and Budgets Specialist
Amy Hicks, Contracts and Budgets Sr. Specialist
Stephen Hope, Contracts and Budgets Consultant
Bridget Kellner, Contracts and Budgets Sr. Specialist
Eileen O'Shaughnessy, Contracts and Budgets Specialist


Twila Rogers, Clinical Research Supervisor
Anna Bartels, Clinical Research Coordinator III
Allison Greenberg, Clinical Research Coordinator IV
Paula Jackson, Clinical Research Coordinator IV
Shane McKee, Clinical Research Coordinator IV
Tonia Toon, Clinical Research Coordinator III
Carrie Stevens, Senior Clinical Research Coordinator

IND/IDE Submissions and Regulatory Affairs

Marianne Brunner, Research Nurse III
Stephanie Bruns, Senior Specialist Regulatory Affairs
Rubina Dosani, Project Manager
Stephanie Hotze, Senior Specialist Project Manager
Lisa McCord, Specialist Regulatory Affairs
Susan McMahan, Research Nurse II
Colleen Murphy, Senior Specialist Regulatory Affairs

Medical Writing

Beth Hoskins, Senior Research Assistant
Leslie Korbee, Consultant

Participant Recruitment and Retention

Sara Helbig, Clinical Research Marketing Associate
Jane Howie, Clinical Research Marketing Associate

Research Nurses

Sandra Bechtol, Research Nurse II
Mary Fisher, Research Nurse II
Anita Fritsch, Research Nurse II
Patricia Hirsch, Research Nurse
Nichole Kamos, Research II
Susan McMahan, Research Nurse II
Elizabeth Moriarty, Research Nurse II
Sarah Myers, Research Nurse
Serena Phillips, Research Nurse II
Melissa Reed, Research Nurse II
Laurie Vanderah, Research Nurse II
Robin Widing, Research Nurse