The Colorectal Center provides comprehensive care for children with Hirschsprung disease, a complex condition that can cause severe constipation and many related complications. Hirschsprung disease occurs when some of the nerve cells that are normally present in the wall of the intestine do not form properly during fetal development.

Our team includes a colorectal surgeon, gastrointestinal motility specialists and many other experienced physicians and nurses who are dedicated to the care of these patients. We can treat patients with Hirschsprung disease from birth through childhood, and have the expertise to treat complex cases, such as those involving Hirschsprung-associated enterocolitis.

Treatment Options

All children with Hirschsprung disease require pull-through surgery to remove the diseased section of the intestine and replace it with healthy tissue. Our surgical approach may involve a transanal procedure or a minimally invasive surgery to help reduce scarring and other factors associated with open procedures. In many cases, our surgeons can correct problems associated with a prior surgery.

If a child with Hirschsprung disease is suffering from fecal incontinence, the colorectal specialist may recommend participation in our Bowel Management Program, medications, and / or a therapeutic diet.