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Expert Treatment for Chronic Idiopathic Constipation in Children

At the Colorectal Center, children with chronic idiopathic constipation receive comprehensive care from a team of physicians that includes gastrointestinal specialists, urologists and colorectal surgeons, as well as nurses, dietitians and others.

Chronic idiopathic constipation refers to constipation for which there is no known cause, and it can range from being somewhat mild to severe. It is one of the most common bowel movement disorders among children. A multidisciplinary approach is essential, because the causes of chronic constipation in children can be both subtle and complex. We are able to help patients who have been suffering from chronic idiopathic constipation for many years.

Treatment Options

Idiopathic constipation can be treated but not cured. For many patients, an individualized diet provides significant relief. Sometimes, our team also recommends laxatives or enemas. Another option is for patients to participate in the Colorectal Center’s highly successful, week-long Bowel Management Program.

A very small percentage of patients with chronic constipation may need surgery to remove the sigmoid colon and upper rectum. And some patients benefit from sacral nerve stimulation, a novel treatment that involves implanting a device that delivers mild electrical pulses to the pelvic nerves. The Colorectal Center is one of only a few institutions in the world that offers sacral nerve stimulation for children.

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