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At the Colorectal Center at Cincinnati Children’s, we are committed to providing the finest diagnosis, treatment and follow-up for our patients. We understand the diagnosis of an anorectal malformation or other colorectal disorder is a great source of stress for our patients and their families. In everything we do, we strive to make this trying experience as easy as possible.

We suggest the following support groups and networks to help you more fully understand your child’s condition and to get support and advice from others from around the world who share your situation.

The Colorectal Center for Children pulls together professionals from a wide range of specialties to help coordinate care of your child. The social worker’s role within the center is to help assist you, your family and the team in meeting the psychosocial needs of your child and identifying barriers which may interfere with successful treatment. These psychosocial needs and / or barriers may include your child’s school experience, the challenges of living with a chronic illness, financial issues / assistance, family support for both you and your child(ren) and family stressors.

Bowel Group for Kids

Facebook groups: To join these groups, search for these terms within Facebook and follow prompts to see discussions, post and comment.

  • “Imperforate Anus / Bowel Management”
  •  “Imperforate Anus in Greece”
  • “Imperforate Anus USA”
  • “Imperforate Anus International”
  • “OEIS/Cloacal Exstrophy”
  • “Chronic Idiopathic Constipation”
  • "Pull-Thru Network"

Hirschsprung’s & Motility Disorders Support Network (HMDSN) 

Parents Helping Parents

Pull-thru Network

Sibling Support Network

The Spina Bifida Association  

United Ostomy Associations of America, Inc.



Youth Rally helps teens who have a bowel or bladder dysfunction or ostomy prepare for independence and build a personal support network.

Flying Horse Farms is a medical specialty camp that provides healing, transformative experiences for children with serious illnesses and their families.

Victory Junction enriches the lives of children with serious illnesses by providing life-changing camping experiences that are exciting, fun and empowering, at no cost to children or their families.

The mission of The Center for Courageous Kids is to uplift children who have life-threatening illnesses by creating experiences year-round that are memorable, exciting, fun, build self-esteem, are physically safe, and medically sound.

Camp John Marc offers Camp Courage which serves siblings of children, teens and young adults who are living with a chronic illness, Camp TLC which serves campers who have spina bifida, TLC Hispanic Family Camp which serves Spanish speaking families who have a child who has spina bifida, and TLC Family Camp which serves families who have a child who has spina bifida

Do you have resources for out-of-state patients?

  • Plan Your Visit: To ensure your family’s time with us is as stress-free and comfortable as possible, Cincinnati Children’s offers Concierge Services to help you plan travel details. Find out how we can help before and during your visit.
  • Prepare for Your Overnight Stay: Cincinnati Children’s takes many steps to make this time comfortable for your entire family. Get resources to prepare for your stay.

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Do you have a loved one who is staying with us in the hospital? Are you looking for a way to let them know they are in your thoughts? Now you can. Children's Hospital proudly offers a free service that allows you to send an ecard to a patient during their hospital stay. We will receive the card, print it out, and have it sent to the patient. Send an Ecard to a loved one today.