When you have a child with special healthcare needs, you are faced with the challenge of finding information, resources and services. The Special Needs Resource Directory, created by the Complex Care Center, is a comprehensive reference tool for parents, caregivers and healthcare providers. The knowledge base you build can be invaluable to others facing similar challenges.

You can play an important role in helping to expand opportunities and enhance the quality of life for children with special healthcare needs in several ways:


There are many ways you can help support others:

  • Donate to Cincinnati Children's and designate the Complex Care Center under the donation information section of the pledge form.
  • Child Wellness Fair of Cincinnati has a vehicle donation program for cars and vans and a “second home” program for gently used medical equipment. Donations are picked up on Mondays and Tuesdays by calling 859-322-8595.
  • Cincinnati Dreams Come True helps children who are regular patients at Cincinnati Children's.


Volunteering your time and expertise with organizations can help you feel like you are making positive changes for yourself and for others. There are many local and national opportunities for volunteering:

  • Volunteer Opportunities at Cincinnati Children's
  • VolunteerMatch
  • Volunteer USA Foundation
  • Stand Up for Kids


Having a child with special healthcare needs means becoming his or her voice. Advocacy means providing your expertise and experience in support of an issue or need on behalf of yourself or others. You can make a difference by advocating for change in your school, your place of work and in healthcare programs.