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    By submitting appropriate medical records and clinical information, patients can now access a variety of pediatric specialists and request an eConsult.  Often these eConsults can provide the physician treating you closer to home with important information about diagnostic or treatment/service/c/telehealth/contact-patients/ options.  In some cases, an eConsult can save a family the cost and burden of traveling for a specialized medical opinion. You may find that traveling for specialized treatment is the best next step, but you are more comfortable with a specific provider or plan moving forward.  Video consultations can be requested to review eConsult report with you and your child’s physician.

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    An eConsult is an electronic consultation performed by a Cincinnati Children’s physician.  A Cincinnati Children’s doctor will review medical records, testing, and imaging and provide a consultation to a local physician from a distance. 

    • The provider/parent submits an online request for an eConsult
    • A coordinator then contacts them to review relevant questions, necessary medical records to submit, important waivers, and process
    • Parent/Local Provider work together to submit information about child’s medical history and questions for Cincinnati Children’s physician(s) team to consider
    • A consultation report will be provided to local physician in 3-5 business days from submit of all necessary records  
    • Access:  eConsult allows children from all over the country to have a doctor with experience with patients with the same rare diseases/conditions review his/her case and work with their local doctor to provide best care possible
    • Collaboration:  eConsult allows for doctors to share information at a distance and for patients to benefit from another doctor’s review of his/her case.  eConsults allow doctors to work together by conveniently sharing information and knowledge with one another to benefit the patient
    • Reduced Cost and Travel:  eConsult can save time and travel for a family by providing consultation at a distance when appropriate

    eConsults are not appropriate for every situation.  At Cincinnati Children’s we will review each indication as we work with specialists here to determine types of conditions/diseases that they feel they can consult on and add value to care plan via eConsult

    • Currently we offer eConsults for the following specialties:

      • Cardiology
        • Congenital Heart Disease
        • Cardiomyopathy
        • Rhythm Disorders
        • Genetic Cardiovascular Disease
        • Other complex cardiology related conditions
      • Urology
        • Chronic Kidney Disease
        • Spina Bifida and other spinal cord abnormalities
        • Disorders of sex development
        • Anorectal malformation/Cloaca
        • Kidney abnormalities
        • Bladder/urethral abnormalities
        • Genital abnormalities
        • Other complex urological conditions
      • Rheumatology
        • Lupus
        • Juvenile Arthritis
        • Periodic Fever Symptoms
        • Other rheumatologic concerns
      • Gastroenterology

        • Inflammatory Bowel Disease
        • Motility Disorders
        • Other GI concerns
      • Many other specialties are being added regularly

    An eConsult costs $495.00.  This is not a service that is currently covered by insurance.  Cincinnati Children’s will not bill insurance companies for this service.  The fee must be paid in advance of the eConsult being completed.  If additional services like radiology review of records are required, you would be advised of any additional fees prior to those additional services being conducted.  If a radiologist is going to review your imaging that additional fee ranges from $50-$150 depending on the type of study.

    Cincinnati Children’s works closely with some other healthcare institutions and companies to provide eConsults to their patients/employees as part of a contracted arrangement.  If you believe your consult is a result of one of these agreements, please discuss that with the coordinator prior to providing any form of payment.

    Insurance does not currently cover the cost associated with eConsults.  There is not a specific procedure code used for these types of consultations.  At this time eConsults are a self-pay only service.  
    If you are interested in requesting an eConsult, please access our web-based inquiry form. That is the first step in the process.  

    After you complete the web-based form, a coordinator will contact you in 1-2 business days.  S/He will outline additional information needed based on the patient’s condition and questions.

    Additional information will include:

    • Provider request and waiver signed by a local physician requesting consultation and willing to receive results
    • Patient/Parent waiver
    • Medical records
    • Copies of test results
    • Copies of imaging, X-rays, MRI, CT Scan (if relevant)
    • Payment

    eConsult results are provided via secure email to requesting provider within 3-5 business days of receipt of completed above information. 

    The local physician will receive results via secure email in the form of a written consultation report.  Additional follow-up with consulting provider can be provider via phone/video connection.  Patients will receive results from their local physician.  This is often in the form of a visit with the local provider where results are reviewed and diagnosis and/or treatment plan discussed.  

    No.  Patients that live in certain states are not able to access eConsults because of laws and regulations in their state. 

    • If you live in a state where eConsults are not available, please contact us to discuss scheduling a visit in Cincinnati with an experienced physician
    • If you live within the counties in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky closest to Cincinnati Children’s you are not eligible for an eConsult.  We prefer those patients come to the medical center for evaluation

    Certain conditions are not appropriate for eConsultation.

    • If you / your child has a condition that is not listed as available for eConsult program, please feel free to contact a referral specialist at 1-877-881-8479 to discuss scheduling a visit in Cincinnati with a physician. 
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