One truth about children is that they are constantly growing. But sometimes, things go wrong in the process of growing up. When that happens, families turn to the endocrinology program at Cincinnati Children’s for expert diagnosis and treatment.

Experts here help children with diabetes achieve the best blood sugar control they can. Our team also helps children with difficult metabolic disorders. Families travel here from all over the world to find answers to complex problems including severe growth disorders, delays in puberty, and disorders of sexual differentiation. We are experts in bone disease, lipid disorders, obesity, and much more.

"We have one of the most comprehensive teams in the country for managing these pediatric endocrine disorders, and our team of experts continues to grow,” says Lawrence Dolan, MD, director of endocrinology at Cincinnati Children’s. “We also play leading roles in research and education."

A Comprehensive Approach to Care

Our team brings specific expertise in a wide range of endocrine disorders to provide world-class care for a variety of conditions and complications:

  • Our Disorders of Sex Development Center is one of the most advanced in the world. It includes specialists in endocrinology, urology, pediatric gynecological surgery, psychiatry and human genetics. 
  • Our Diabetes Center incorporates patient care, education and research in one center that serves as a resource far beyond our region.  
  • Our Center for Growth Disorders goes well beyond standard growth hormone therapies to study the underlying genetic factors that can affect everything from bone growth plates to DNA damage repair. And we adjust treatments to focus on the specific cause of your child’s condition.
  • Our Turner Syndrome Center serves more than 250 patients at every stage of life, including access to dietitians, genetic counselors and a reproductive specialist.  
  • We have special expertise in managing endocrine disorders triggered by cancer, cystic fibrosis, cancer treatments, steroid therapies and psychiatric medications.

Other endocrine disorders treated: