Preparing for Your Stay

Information on preparing for your stay at the inpatient Functional Independence Restoration Program (FIRST).

Sample Daily Schedule

7:00 am: Wake up, breakfast, get ready

8:00 am: Rehab medicine & nursing rounds

8:15 am: Physical therapy

9:00 am: Occupational therapy

9:45 am: Morning break

10:00 am: Behavioral Medicine

11:00 am: School Instruction

12:00 pm: Lunch

1:00 pm: Physical therapy

1:45 pm: Occupational therapy

2:30 pm: Afternoon break

3:00 pm: Recreational Therapy or Child Life

4:00 pm: Home Exercises

4:45 pm: Music Therapy or Massage Therapy

5:30 pm: Parents return / Relaxation Time

6:00 pm: Dinner

7:00 pm: Independent Cardio Time

7:30 pm: Evening family activity

9:00 pm: Get ready for bed

9:30 pm: Relaxation

10:00 pm: Lights out!

Inpatient Rehabilitation

Learn about our Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit including introductions to the team and expectations while a patient on the unit.

Treatment Plan

You can learn more about the process of evaluation, planning and development of goals for the patient/family while on the Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit. Also, the daily schedule, communication, community reintegration, and passes are outlined and discussed.

Going Home

Being discharged from the Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit involves communication, collaboration and education for a smooth transition home. This video describes all the various areas that will be addressed in the process such as: school reentry, community outings, family education, equipment, follow-up visits and other things to consider before discharge from the Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit.