Jihong Dai, MD, Chongqing Children’s Hospital

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center is not far from one of the most beautiful and attractive campuses, the University of Cincinnati (UC), which was recently acclaimed by architects and designers from forbes.com.  And the pediatrics department of Cincinnati Children’s is one of the most prestigious departments in the United States.

If you can, grab a chance provided by the scholarship program, take your time to enjoy the modern and sophisticated architecture.  Besides, Cincinnati Children’s people are very nice and kind.  They are always ready to give you a hand.  Although Cincinnati Children’s is not as big as some children’s hospital in China, it’s fun to have your eyes wide open every day when you stay there.  And there’s a lot you can learn there. If I can have another opportunity, I will definitely choose Cincinnati Children’s again.

Kai Li, MD, Children’s Hospital of Fudan University

For one year I trained in Cincinnati as a scholar.  I was deeply moved by the standardized and personalized therapeutic protocols, by multidisciplinary teamwork and by the serious attitude of the doctors toward patients in clinic work.  When I was devoted in research work, I learned how to face and overcome the difficulties and enjoyed “gain after pain.”  The friends I made in Cincinnati gave me lots of help  and I will never forget them.  Having a grateful heart is critical in developing a peaceful life.

Dan Yu, MD, West China Second University Hospital

The program is simply perfect.  The one-year stay in Cincinnati as a scholar really exposed me to wider horizons.  I really appreciate the chance to work with people from different countries and different hospitals.  I had a chance to get to know many good friends.  By doing research together and discussing problems together, it benefited me a lot.

Xiufang Fan, MD, Jinan Maternity & Children’s Health Care Hospital

It was my pleasure to be a observer in the  Division of Neonatology at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center in 2009.

There are a lot of differences in management of NICU, patient care and treatment of diseases from China.  What impressed me most at Cincinnati Children’s is the high-tech approach.  The whole medical team can resolve different kinds of diseases such as medical problems, surgery and cardiology, efficiently.  The equipment is very modern and the techniques are very high-level.  The medical team not only cares for the diseases of the babies, but also pays much attention to the babies’ development in the future.

I’m very impressed with the family-centered care.  The whole team discusses in great detail the baby’s condition with the family when they have medical rounds and pays attention to the family’s emotional needs.  They gain the respect and trust of the whole family.  The communication between doctor and patient is very good.

I acknowledge that the scholarship program is very helpful for me to share in much medical information and to open my eyes to a new world.