September 15, 2018
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Save the date for Contemporary Questions in Pediatric Cardiology: A Primary Care Guide on Saturday, September 15, 2018 presented by Cincinnati Children’s Heart Institute.

Contemporary Questions in Pediatric Cardiology programming is designed for general pediatric primary care providers including pediatricians, family practice physicians, advance practice nurses, residents and nurses.  The conference will provide interactive education on relevant cardiology issues that the general pediatric healthcare provider must deal with each and every day. 

Program topics will include syncope, chest pain, murmurs, pre-participation screen, arrhythmias, incidental findings on cardiac tests, hypertension, pediatric coronary artery issues, care partnering with cardiologists and administering general pediatric care to cardiac patients. The anticipated audience will be kept small to promote faculty interaction. 


Registration will open in 2018. Online registration is required.

Preliminary Agenda

Breakfast and Registration

Welcome and Introduction

Session One: Approaching, Assessing and Pre-Screening

  • Pediatric Enigma #1
  • Salting or Sotalol? A Rational Approach to Syncope.
  • Is My Patient Having an Impending Heart Attack? A Logical Approach to Chest Pain.
  • Am I Missing Hypoplastic Left Heart in My Neonatal Patient? Assessing Murmurs in Newborns and Children.
  • Avoiding the 11:00 News Interview Because My Patient Suddenly Collapsed on the Athletic Field: The Vital Pre-Participation Screen.


Session Two: Testing, Prevention and Predictability

  • Pediatric Enigma #2
  • Does My Patient Have a Malignant Arrhythmia? The Fast and Slow of Bradycardia and Tachycardia, Long QT.
  • I Wish I Hadn’t Ordered This Test: Managing Incidental Findings on Cardiovascular Tests.
  • How I Can Prevent My Patient as a Child Now From Getting a Heart Attack as an Adult Later? Managing Pediatric Hypertension and Hyperlipidemia.
  • OMG, You Mean to Tell Me that My Patient Might Actually Have a Heart Attack? Getting to Know Pediatric Coronary Artery Disease.


Session Three: Partnership, Recommendations, Q&A

  • Pediatric Enigma #3
  • Wow, These Patients are Really Complex! Partnership in Caring for the Infant with Complex Heart Disease and Transitioning the Pediatric Cardiac Patient to ACHD
  • Is There Any General Pediatric Care that Will Mess up My Patient’s Cardiac and Cardiac Surgical Care? The Do’s and Don’ts for the Cardiac and Cardiac Surgical Patient.
  • Q&A: Submitted Questions, Case Studies and Answers