Mother prepares to give factor treatment to child with hemophilia. 

The Hemophilia Treatment Center at Cincinnati Children’s provides extensive support for families who want to participate in a home care regimen. The goal is to help patients and families learn how to assess bleeding episodes and, when necessary, administer factor replacement therapy at home. Patients participating in the Home Treatment Program continue to come to the Comprehensive Care Clinic for appointments. 

Home Treatment Benefits

A comprehensive home treatment regimen helps reduce the need for hospital visits and allows patients and families to spend more time doing things they enjoy. Other benefits include:

  • Prevention of bleeding episodes
  • Early treatment when bleeding episodes occur
  • Pain relief
  • Reduced risk of orthopaedic (joint) complications and joint damage

Home Treatment Eligibility

Home treatment is an option for many hemophilia patients, but not all. When determining eligibility, our expert team evaluates:

  • Each patient’s type of hemophilia and bleeding patterns
  • Venous access (access to veins for infusion therapy)
  • The type of venous access device that would be required
  • The patient’s age and ability to understand and participate in home treatment
  • Motivation among family members to undergo training 

Families must be willing to commit to a regular treatment schedule and maintain accurate records of infusions and bleeding episodes.

Education and Training

Our staff provides extensive training for families who qualify for the Home Treatment Program. Training includes general information about hemophilia, home management strategies and specific instruction on how to perform tasks such as calculating dosage, administering factor therapy and handling emergency situations.

Our team is always available by phone to answer questions or address concerns throughout the course of home treatment.

> Download: The Home Treatment of Bleeding Disorders: Learning how to give factor at home