Hypermobility disorder symptoms can vary greatly among patients. Cincinnati Children’s Hypermobility Clinic is unique because it diagnoses and manages these disorders, including Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder or Hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, to find better ways to help our patients. Patients and families will also receive both verbal and written education, support and guidance.

Our team creates a personalized treatment plan tailored to your / your child’s needs.

What to Expect at Your First Appointment at the Hypermobility Clinic

Making an Appointment at the Hypermobility Clinic

New patients are referred to the Hypermobility Clinic by their physicians. The clinic will then review the referral and work with you to schedule.

Before Your Visit to the Hypermobility Clinic

Ahead of your visit, be sure to:

  • Make a list of your / your child’s current medications
  • Discuss your family’s health history with other family members
  • Respond to any requests for additional information from the clinic

The clinic also may request records from your child’s physicians.

On the Day of Your Visit to the Hypermobility Clinic

Arriving at Your Appointment

The Hypermobility Clinic at Cincinnati Children’s is located at our Burnet Campus. Please plan to arrive at least 30 minutes early to find parking, walk to the center and register your child for their first appointment.

During Your Appointment

Your child’s first appointment will likely last an hour or two. At this visit:

  • You or your child will have a physical exam.
  • You’ll review your / your child’s medical history and medications.
  • You will provide family medical history information.
  • You’ll be provided with verbal and written documentation of your/your child’s diagnoses and plan of care.

Your team will discuss the next steps for follow-up, including additional testing or evaluations.

After Your Visit to the Hypermobility Clinic

Following your visit, your / your child’s care team will contact you with any test results. We’ll make any referrals within two business days of your appointment. We’ll also send a report from your visit to your / your child’s primary care physician and / or referring physician.

If you have any questions, please contact us.