Before the Appointment

  • Prepare a list of your current medications to review with your healthcare provider.
  • Talk to family members about their health history.  During your appointment, we will ask you questions about your family’s health history.
  • In some cases, we may request records from your physicians or contact you ahead of time to make sure we have all pertinent information and have coordinated the appointment appropriately.

At the Appointment

  • Your weight and height will be obtained.
  • Your chart will be updated to include the medications that you are currently taking.  
  • A genetic counselor or registered nurse will collect detailed information about your health and will construct a medical family tree.
  • A physician or advanced practice registered nurse will perform a physical examination. 
  • It is possible that additional testing or evaluation will be ordered.
  • You will discuss with the healthcare team possible diagnosis and treatment.
  • You will make a plan with the healthcare team for follow-up
  • You should plan on spending about one to two hours at your visit.  

After the Appointment

  • You will be contacted with results of any testing that was performed.
  • Any referrals that were given will be made within two business days of the appointment.
  • Your primary care physician (and other specialists you request) will be sent a full copy of the evaluation report  from your visit at the Hypermobility Clinic.