Inflammatory Bowel Disease Center
How We’re Different

How We’re Different

At the IBD Center, we have a tradition of innovation and discovery. We partner with patients, families and care givers to achieve the best outcomes, experience and value.


As part of our mission to improve the lives of children with IBD, the Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition is involved in clinical trials for IBD medications to learn more about IBD causes and treatments. Our quality-improvement efforts help translate new research knowledge as we test and refine innovative approaches that will enable our patients to achieve the best clinical and functional outcomes.

Patient and Family Involvement

Providing the best outcomes, experience, and value to our patients and families is at the core of our team values. Patient and parent team members play an important role on our quality-improvement team, our IBD education team, and our orientation program for newly diagnosed patients. Through ongoing feedback and collaboration with families, we provide care that is patient-centered and outcome-based.

Application of Evidence-Based Protocols 

Through the consistent use of care practices shown through research to be effective, we have achieved outcomes that are among the best, compared to other high-volume IBD programs in the United States.  

Multidisciplinary Care Team  

Our IBD experts use a multidisciplinary approach. Included on the care team are providers with varying expertise, including medical, surgical, behavioral medicine, nutrition and as needed, chronic pain management.  

Comprehensive Evaluations 

Before considering surgery, we confirm that all reasonable medical therapies have been tried. If surgery is necessary, we will collaborate with our experienced surgical team to achieve the best outcome possible. Learn more about surgical approaches to managing IBD.   

Learning Network Participation 

Cincinnati Children’s helped establish ImproveCareNow in 2007. Through the collaborative, participants share best practices with other centers. This approach has been shown as an effective way to increase the speed of learning and with that, improvement for patients with IBD. Our physicians provide leadership within the network, which now includes more than 105 member institutions in the United States and internationally. Since the network was established, remission rates at all member hospitals have improved significantly.


Cincinnati Children’s offers a secure online tool to help you manage your child’s health. MyChart gives you access to your child’s medical record, allowing you to view test results, a list of medications, appointments, follow-up instructions and more. You can also send a message to your healthcare team between visits. Learn More.