The outcomes and evidence-based decision making teams tracks data on patient care and shares its work and results.

The Anderson Center outcomes system group is comprised of outcomes professionals and evidence-based decision making staff.   

Outcomes Professional Staff

They provide measurement and reporting expertise to facilitate, enhance and align the development and communication of quality metrics at Cincinnati Children’s.   

Staff members help hospital teams understand what they should be measuring  to better evaluate the reasons for gaps between performance and goals, and use that information to drive improvement work.   Outcomes staff develop measures and help design clinical and system dashboards, using existing knowledge based on evidence and national ratings and rankings to inform their work.   

Current initiatives:

The Anderson Center outcomes staff members consist of outcome managers, project managers and nurse reviewers. The competencies of the staff include measurement expertise, project design and management, data analysis and informatics, and clinical knowledge for data abstraction and measurement.

Evidence-Based Decision Making Staff

The team began its work focused on the development of clinical practice guidelines. Over the years, the scope has expanded and includes supplying evidence in many formats to ensure it is easily accessible and embedded in the care provided to patients at Cincinnati Children’s.  The team shares its work and outcomes with other healthcare professionals to assist in improving child health beyond our walls.

Current initiatives:

  • Place evidence into the work flow of Cincinnati Children’s clinicians
  • Develop evidenced-based guidelines
  • Provide best-evidence statements (BESts), algorithms, highlight sheets, evidence summaries and patient education documents
  • Place evidence into the work flow to make doing the right thing as easy as possible (e.g., order sets or shared-decision aides that assist busy clinicians in using the most current evidence without having to stop the care process to search for the best-evidence approach)

The Anderson Center evidence-based decision making staff includes professionals who are trained in evidence search, appraisal, dissemination, implementation, outcomes identification, publication and team work.

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Contact evidence team leader Wendy Gerhardt for more information.