The Anderson Center quality improvement (QI) systems group works collaboratively with team leaders across the medical center and serves as a catalyst for achieving transformation and sustainable change in outcomes, experience and value at Cincinnati Children’s.

QI professionals bring extensive knowledge and application of improvement methodologies, an industry perspective, and critical thinking and objectivity to their projects. Through its projects, the QI systems group also builds organizational capability and, in collaboration with hospital leadership, spreads improvements successfully piloted at the microsystem level to the broader system. This group also works to maintain regulatory and compliance standards. 

In addition to its internal focus, the group also supports external collaboratives, learning networks and improvement work within our community to expand the impact we have on improving child health more broadly. 

A key Anderson Center initiative is to partner with institutes, business units and divisions to identify customized portfolios of improvement work that moves the institution toward its 2015 goals.

Examples of Services Provided

System / Process Optimization Project / Program Management
Strategic design Breakthrough series collaboratives
Lean thinking and transformation Project execution (90-day model)
Process and system mapping Data-driven strategies and interventions
Reliability science Change Management Methodologies
Risk assessment and abatement Team building and facilitation
  Will building
  Organizational design and development
  Communication strategies

The Anderson Center QI system staff comprises two main groups:

  • Improvement professionals (quality improvement consultants) trained in quality improvement science, with significant practical experience applying methodologies to achieving results in other industries (aircraft, automotive, chemicals, consumer products, durable goods manufacturing, food processing, medical devices, paper, pharmaceuticals)
  • Clinical professionals (quality outcomes managers), often nurses, who work predominantly within divisions and units to bring a clinical lens to quality improvement work

Contact Us

Contact QI systems team leader Melody Siska, assistant vice president for quality improvement, for more information.