We will catalyze unprecedented outcomes, experience, safety and affordability

The James M. Anderson Center for Health Systems Excellence serves as the catalyst for Cincinnati Children’s efforts to achieve the unprecedented performance in outcomes, experience, safety and affordability that the organization has made core to its mission. We work with institutional partners at the system level on strategic initiatives while also looking broadly across the organization to ensure that work within meso- and microsystems has maximum institutional impact.

One of our key roles is to provide content, research and infrastructure expertise for strategic areas that are not only system-level priorities but which also serve as hubs for accelerating organizational transformation.


Safety: We will use high reliability principles to be the safest hospital in the world

 Capacity management.

Capacity Management: We will deliver ideal care using operations research principles

 Chronic and complex diseases.

Chronic Diseases: We will push the boundaries of knowledge to create better outcomes

 Community and population health.

Community / Population Health: We will work to make local children the healthiest in the nation