Spiritual and Grief Care Center
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Supporting Children and Families in Their Time of Need

When a child enters the hospital, a family changes. Imagine the hope and concern that families experience as they wait with a sick child. Their child’s compassionate care givers, too, share many of these emotions as they tend to the needs of sick children day after day.

For all of those who rejoice, who question, who pray, who search for meaning as their lives unfold, we offer support through times of great need. Our chaplains offer their ministry openly, respectful of all traditions, witnessing to the love of God in the midst of the crises of illness and injury.

For those seeking a place of quiet and inspiration, the Chapel of the Holy Child has stood as the medical center’s spiritual center since 1904. Through all the changes in our world and in healthcare in the last century, the chapel has remained a place of worship, prayer and meditation for thousands of patients, families and staff. When the new hospital tower was built in 2002, it became the new home for the chapel, which was expanded to include a Multifaith Chapel as well.

The Chapel of the Holy Child and Multifaith Chapel are centrally located on the first floor of the patient care tower (Location A), just off the main corridor. The chapels are places for quiet thought, reflection and prayer. Inspiring stained-glass windows are visible from the street and from the entrance driveway. They remind all who come here that caring for the spirit as well as the body is at the heart of our efforts at Cincinnati Children’s.

The Multifaith Chapel enables us to better serve our increasingly diverse population. Simply furnished with reversible abstract artwork and other universal symbols of life, it welcomes people of all faiths.

A folding wall separates the Multifaith Chapel from the Chapel of the Holy Child. When the wall is removed, the two chapels are connected through harmonious design elements and allow us to host larger services.

Prayers for Strength

Prayers for Serenity, Peace and Strength.

Prayers can provide a sense of serenity, peace and strength. If you’re struggling with finding the right prayer, here are some you can try.