Surgery Visitors Program
Programs and Services

Programs and Services

As part of the Division of Pediatric General and Thoracic Surgery, the Surgery Visitors Program is connected with several programs and centers at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, including:

Cincinnati Fetal Care Center is one of only a few comprehensive fetal care centers in the world where observers gain specialized experience in the multidisciplinary, multimodal evaluation and treatment of pregnancies complicated by fetal abnormalities.

Visitors observe specialized experience in the multidisciplinary, multimodal evaluation and treatment of pregnancies complicated by fetal abnormalities by attending and observing daily counseling sessions “team meetings”.

Visitors may have the opportunity to observe fetal interventions, including laser ablation for photocoagulation of placental anastomoses for twin-twin transfusion, fetal shunt placement for lower urinary tract obstruction, intrauterine transfusion for fetal anemia, and open maternal-fetal surgery for fetal spina bifida, amniotic band syndrome, and bladder outlet obstruction, open fetal surgery (for resection of CPAMs, SCT, creation of vesicostomy) and EXIT procedures (including EXIT-to-Airway, EXIT-to-ECMO and EXIT-to-Resection).

In addition, visitors may attend weekly Fetal Therapy Conference and attend monthly Fetal Therapy-OB or Fetal Therapy-neonatology Grand Rounds.

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Colorectal Center

This Multi-Disciplinary Visitor’s Program is designed for pediatric surgeons managing patients with colorectal issues. In addition to lectures and case discussions, it includes observation in the operating room of the surgical repair of the most frequent types of colorectal problems, a special Bowel Management Seminar which helps patients who are unable to anticipate or control their bowel activity to improve their quality of life, and practical experience in an animal lab.

This program consists of intensive teaching experiences that will examine the surgical treatment and management of pediatric colorectal surgical problems. You will learn many surgical techniques to repair anorectal malformations, including endorectal dissection, anterior perineal approaches and many different types of anoplasties. You will also learn how to use the posterior sagittal approach to repair these malformations with or without laparotomy or laparoscopy. You will also learn about our Bowel Management Program which helps patients who are unable to anticipate or control their bowel activity to improve their quality of life.

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Chest Wall Center of Cincinnati

The Chest Wall Center of Cincinnati is part of the Division of Pediatric General and Thoracic Surgery. This ensures the care our patients receive is focused and efficient. Because the Chest Wall Center is under one department, while attending multi-disciplinary visitor’s program, you will learn from the expertise of our reliable team of specialists who takes the time to listen and comprehend their patient’s needs to ensure patients receive the personalized care they deserve.

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Hemangioma & Vascular Malformation Center

The Hemangioma and Vascular Malformation Program at Cincinnati Children’s is one of the largest multidisciplinary centers in the country for vascular anomalies (blood vessels that have developed abnormally).

This program is a partnership between the Cincinnati Children’s Department of Surgery and the Division of Hematology / Oncology. HVMC is a multi-disciplinary program that incorporates both medical and surgical specialties.

Visitors have the opportunity to observe our collaborative and specialty clinics, as well as surgical and interventional radiology procedures.

The HVMC team has weekly radiology/pathology review conferences and a weekly planning meeting that allows open interaction between the different specialties to develop a coordinated treatment plan for these complex patients. Visitors have the opportunity to experience one-on –one interaction with different care providers in order learn all aspects of the management of vascular anomalies.

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Liver Transplant Center

The Pediatric Liver Care Center at Cincinnati Children’s is recognized worldwide as one of the best liver care programs for children and their families. Our pediatric surgeons and hepatologists have worked together for more than 25 years to provide the best possible care for children with liver disease.

This Multi-Disciplinary Visitor’s Program allows visitors the opportunity to learn through lectures a variety of means to perform a liver transplant, including neonatal liver transplants on children smaller than 10 pounds and segmented liver transplants. Our expertise includes the ability to perform reduced size, living-donor and split-liver transplants.

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The Trauma Department in Pediatric General and Thoracic surgery provides visiting surgeons and students the ability to learn from an experienced, multidisciplinary team. Visitors can expect to shadow faculty during rounds, shadow surgeries in a classroom and / or operating room setting, engage in human patient simulator training, and participate in educational endeavors such as Trauma Case Review and Injury lectures.

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