If our medical team in the Surgical Weight Loss Program for Teens determines that your child is a candidate for bariatric surgery, and insurance verification has been confirmed, we will schedule you and your child for an evaluation. During this visit, you’ll meet with one of our pediatric surgeons, our medical doctor, psychologist, dietitian and nurses. This visit can last up to four hours, but it allows us to get to know you better and learn what has brought you to this point.

At the evaluation, we like to get a sense of your child’s overall health as well as the effect weight has had. We will also discuss various options that are now available for weight management, including weight loss surgery, and answer your questions.

Several diagnostic tests may be needed during your evaluation, including:

  • Blood work
  • Glucose (sugar) tolerance test  
  • Consultation and study for sleep apnea
  • Other tests, as needed

Once the evaluation and diagnostic tests are completed, a case summary is prepared. Our medical team once again reviews the case summary and a determination is made regarding whether surgical weight loss is a good option for your child.