When you call with a referral to the pediatric urology team at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, make sure necessary tests are scheduled before your patient’s first appointment. This allows our physicians to evaluate the patient and the tests at the first appointment.

The call center will help your staff or your patient and family schedule the tests. For your records, we will send you a confirmation letter regarding the recommendations and treatment for your patient.

Physician Priority Link

Physician Priority Link (PPL) is a telephone hotline provided by Cincinnati Children’s specifically for our referring physicians: 513-636-7997 or 1-888-636-7997.

PPL is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Simply ask for the pediatric urologist on call. The pediatric urologist will be available to take your call within two minutes. Physician Priority Link operators can put you in contact for referrals and consultations, as well as provide you with quick access to the full spectrum of specialists and services at Cincinnati Children’s.

How to Make a Referral to the Urogenital Center

Healthcare professionals may refer a patient by calling the Urogenital Center at 1-513-636-7035 or 1-800-344-2462, ext. 6-7035, and asking to speak with a nurse specialist, who can begin the intake process.