• Why We Measure the Care We Provide

    Our vision at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center is to be the leader in improving child health by achieving the best medical and quality-of-life outcomes, patient and family experiences, and healthcare value.  We closely monitor the quality of our care and services so that we can continually improve and believe that transparently sharing our results drives us toward achieving our goals. 

    Key to realizing our vision is active and effective measurement.  Measurement of outcomes − results achieved relative to lengthening life, relieving pain, reducing disabilities and satisfying our patients and families − allows us to understand how we are performing relative to our goals. We work to understand the reasons for gaps between our performance and goals, and use this knowledge to drive our work to improve the methods and processes of the care we deliver.   

    At Cincinnati Children’s, we seek to provide families and providers with the information they need to make the best possible healthcare decisions.  Most importantly, we listen to our patients and families and use this information and feedback to develop lasting, positive change in the way we deliver care.

    What Quality Measures Tell You

    • Whether the care provided is safe and effective
    • Whether the healthcare delivery system is patient-centered
    • Whether  the healthcare is being provided in a timely manner
    • The experience, knowledge and ongoing success rate of treating particular diseases / conditions
  • System-Level Measures

    We collect system-level measures to guide and track improvement across our entire health system and across all sites of care.

    System Level Measures
  • Condition-Specific Measures

    We also use condition-specific measures to define and report disease-specific health outcomes such as remission rates, physical functioning and quality of life.

    Condition Specific Outcomes
  • We Want Your Feedback

    We would like to know what you think of the information presented in the “How We Measure Up” section. Send us an email to let us know if you found these web pages helpful and easy to understand, or if there is additional information you need.