• Methodology

    Measuring Patient Experiences at Cincinnati Children's

    The current methodology for measuring patient experiences at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center was developed to:

    • Provide a better focus on the aspects of patient care that are most important to the families we serve
    • Incorporate the patient experience and satisfaction measurement into the efforts of the Cincinnati Children's improvement teams
    • Provide measures for guiding improvement projects at Cincinnati Children's and to accurately monitor the progress and outcomes of those improvements
    • Provide more actionable data in a more timely manner
    • Provide reliable information to individual inpatient care units

    We measure patient experiences at Cincinnati Children's by asking families a core set of 15 experiential care questions and three open-ended questions for general comments. (Experiential care questions are questions about specific behaviors) These questions come from a variety of sources, including:

    Each outpatient department / inpatient care unit has the option to add up to five (5) additional questions that are asked of their families only. The purpose of these questions is to monitor specific improvement initiatives on that unit or department.

    Telephone interviews are completed each week by IntelliQ Health, a local marketing research firm that specializes in health care. Inpatient and outpatient results are reported quarterly based on aggregate data from up to 5 randomly selected families per week, from each of the following areas : 

    • Outpatient Neighborhood Health care locations
    • Outpatient Base Departments
    • Inpatient Base Care Units