Kim M. Cecil, PhD


Professor, Division of Pediatric Radiology

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MR spectroscopy and imaging; evaluating the effects of environmental neurotoxicants and radiation


Kim M. Cecil, PhD, received her undergraduate and postgraduate training in chemistry. After a post-doctoral fellowship in magnetic resonance spectroscopy and imaging at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Cecil joined the Radiology Department and the Imaging Research Center at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center in 1998. She serves as an imaging research scientist and clinical MR spectroscopist.

In 2000, Kim M. Cecil, PhD, Antonius deGrauw, MD, PhD and Gajja Salomons, PhD, discovered creatine transporter deficiency syndrome, a genetic disorder caused by mutations in the creatine transporter gene (SLC6A8). Male patients demonstrate a significant reduction or absence of creatine in the brain, as indicated by MR spectroscopy. This is an X-linked mental retardation disorder thought to be second only to fragile X in prevalence.

Education and Training

BS: Chemistry & Mathematics (Magna Cum Laude), Kentucky Wesleyan College, 1988.

MS: Chemistry, Vanderbilt University, 1991.

PhD: Chemistry, Vanderbilt University, 1993.

Fellowship: Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA.


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Neurobehavioral Late-Effects in Pediatric Brain Tumors. Co-investigator. National Institutes of Health. 2005-2011. #R01 CA112182.

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Bipolar Disorder Imaging & Treatment Research Center. Co-Investigator. National Institutes of Health. 2007-2012. #P50 MH077138.

Neurofunctional and Neurochemical Markers of Treatment Response in Early Onset Bipolar Mania. Co-investigator. National Institutes of Health. 2007-2012. #R01 MH07043.

Early Lead Exposure, ADHD and Persistent Criminality. Co-Principal Investigator. National Institutes of Health. 2007-2012. #R01 ES015559.