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Cleft Lip / Cleft Palate Bottle Feeding

Because of your infant's condition, some different types of feeding techniques may be needed for you and your baby to have a successful feeding time.

The problem is simply a lack of normal suction because of the abnormal opening from the mouth to the lip and / or into the nose.

The goal is to provide your baby with enough calories to achieve a weight gain, but it is just as important to establish the parent / infant bond relationship.

Normally a full term infant will have a weight loss immediately after birth but by the 10th day of life the baby will regain his / her birthweight. For any infant, poor weight gain can be a sign of a feeding problem. For this reason, your baby's weight will need to be watched closely.

Feeding time should be 20-30 minutes to take 3-4 ounces of milk. At first, this time may be longer, but once the feeding technique is established, the time should decrease to 20-30 minutes. If longer, your infant will tire and use up more calories than he / she takes in.

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Last Updated: 07/2011