Hamstring Lengthening Care

Your orthopaedic doctor recommends that your child have surgery to lengthen the hamstring. This surgery releases tightness at the knee.

After hamstring lengthening surgery is done, the child is often sent home the same day.  

When you take your child home, you will be given a prescription for pain medicine and medicine that will help relax your child's muscles.

Your child may come back from surgery with a knee immobilizer. This knee immobilizer goes from mid-thigh to mid-calf. It will stay on about two to three days full time; then it will be used only at night or with naps.

If your child went home with long leg casts, serial cast wedging will start about one week after surgery.  This is done to slowly straighten the leg.  Once that occurs, the child will remain in the long leg cast for two additional weeks. 

After two weeks, the cast may be removed and the child will be placed into knee immobilizers.  The child will continue to use a brace at night or with naps.

Braces may be recommended after surgery. Your nurse will discuss where to take the child to have the brace made if it is not available at the office.

Usually three to four months after surgery, you will have an appointment with your orthopaedic doctor. Call the orthopaedic clinic nurse or your orthopaedic doctor if you have any questions or problems.

To reach the orthopaedic nurse before 4 pm Monday through Friday, call 513-636-4567. After 4 pm and during weekends and holidays, call 513-636-4200 and ask that the orthopaedic resident on call be paged.

Last Updated 05/2016