Continuing Professional Education

Education and Learning Department

Education and Training Department at Cincinnati Children's supports a learning culture.

Education is an equal stakeholder and contributor in the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center mission with clinical care and research. As such, it is our commitment to be the leader in education and training for improving child health.

Education and Learning Department Mission

We ensure that Cincinnati Children's education mission is met by providing advanced education expertise, resources and services through education inquiry and research by implementing an efficient system that links people with proven, innovative, education opportunities while supporting a continuous learning culture.

Learning Culture

The culture of learning at Cincinnati Children's is characterized by:

  • Individualized, self-directed, and collaborative learning opportunities
  • Learning from patients and families and transferring that learning to practice
  • Searching for, modifying and applying best practices from inside and outside of health care
  • Sustainable learning that is outcomes-driven, work-related, reinforces team work and is measurable
  • Best practices in adult education leading to optimal performance and superior quality of care
  • Leaders model learning and expect employees to participate and apply what they learn
  • A spirit of innovation and curiosity through lifelong learning
Education and Training Department supports a variety of training opportunities for employees as well as families.

Services We Provide

Digital Classroom

Enterprise Learning Management (ELM)

  • ELM will be the single access point to all learning opportunities (online and classroom -- elective and organization readiness courses).
  • Announcements will be made as new courses become available through the ELM.
  • The ELM is the definitive record of training completed at Cincinnati Children's. Managers can review the current status of all courses for their employees.

Consulting services

  • Assistance in identifying training needs
  • Designing training programs
  • Facilitating training courses
  • Developing custom training when needed

Evaluation and Measurement

  • Evaluating training programs
  • Offering suggestions to improve training and learning experiences
  • Providing education techniques


  • Media Library – over 1,000 accessible educational audio and video programs
  • Pratt - there are over 4,400 print books and about 40 electronic books; 385 current print journal subscriptions (about 200 also available electronically) and about 400 additional journal titles available via electronic access

Community Access to Education Resources

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