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The Audio/Visual Library at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center provides various archived presentations via streaming media. Cincinnati Children's wants to ensure the best possible experience for you as you utilize our services. Available programs are located in the left hand menu.

Please be aware that this is streaming content and your experience is primarily based on your computer's hardware, software, and your connection to the internet. Also, increases in internet traffic or overall network reliability will play a dramatic role in the audio and video quality of the streams that you are viewing.

The streaming video / audio and multimedia are best viewed using the newest version of Microsoft's Windows" Media Player and if you have a high speed internet connection (generally available from your locally phone or cable company).

Specifically you should have the following:

  • High speed internet connection (LAN, DSL, Cable)
  • Internet Explorer 6 or the newest version of Internet Explorer, which is available free from Microsoft
  • Windows Media Player 9 or the newest version of Microsoft Windows" Player, which is available free from Microsoft.
  • PC

Minimum system requirement:

  • Microsoft Windows" 98 (any version) or higher
  • Pentium 166Mhz
  • 32 MB of RAM
  • 56kbs Modem
  • 16bit Soundcard (w/speakers)
  • 256-color video card

Recommended requirements are:

  • Microsoft Windows" 98 or higher
  • Pentium or AMD Athlon K6 – 266Mhz or faster
  • 64 MB of RAM to increasing technologies in interactive media some streaming video requires Windows Media Player 9. Windows Media Player 9 is free from Microsoft.

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    For more information about Audio/Visual Library at Cincinnati Children's, or if you have problems using viewing media, please contact Digital Classroom support at 513-636-7000 or via email at