• Physician Services: A Bridge Between Cincinnati Children's and Community Providers

    The Physician Services Department at Cincinnati Children’s serves as a liaison between the medical center and community-based primary care providers, surgeons and their staff. We provide a direct point of contact within Cincinnati Children’s to help navigate services and systems. Our goal is to enhance communication and ensure the best possible experience for providers and their staff when referring to Cincinnati Children’s.

    The Physician Services offers help with:

    • Gaining remote access to the Cincinnati Children’s computer system,  EPIC
    • Coordinating tours of the Cincinnati Children’s campus and satellite locations
    • Acquiring  name badges
    • Arranging individual meetings  among community physicians and Cincinnati Children’s specialists and other key administrators 
    • Providing assistance with recruitment efforts of physicians for community practices

    Physician Services Toolkit

    To aid community providers and their staff, we’ve created the Physician Services Toolkit – a one-stop, online resource for Cincinnati Children’s materials pertinent to community providers, their staff and families. In it you’ll find a wealth of information, including divisional handouts, family resources and CME information.

    Contact Us

    Contact the physician representatives at their direct lines, email or through Physician Priority Link, 1-888-636-7997.

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    Learn about STATLine, the pre-hospital communication system that allows first responders to communicate with physicians at Cincinnati Children’s.

    Emergency Services
  • Diagnostic Clinic

    The Diagnostic Clinic serves as a central location at Cincinnati Children’s for referrals and second opinions. Learn about how we make the referral process easy for both physician and patient.

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