Research Horizons at Cincinnati Children's Research Foundation

Explore highlights of the exciting research happening at Cincinnati Children's Research Foundation with Research Horizons. Each issue features recent studies published by Cincinnati Children's investigators. By combining cutting-edge research and education with the best in pediatric care, we are striving to improve the lives of children and families everywhere. This issue features these news briefs: 

In addition, you will find the following feature stories that highlight some of our many world-class researchers:

 Going Viral

Viruses are the ultimate opportunists. Understanding the workings of these culprits [viruses] used to take days – even weeks – of growing them in cultures. Even then, doctors might not end up with a clear picture of how the virus worked – or how to combat it. Then came PCR (polymerase chain reaction) technology, shaving days from the painstaking culture process. [more]

 The Core of Diagnosis 

 Dr. Kenneth Setchell.For children with rare diseases, figuring out what’s wrong often requires far more than one physician working with a family over a few office visits. Pinning down diagnoses in complex cases frequently takes an orchestra of experts employing the latest high-tech instruments. [more]

 Diagnosis Goes the Distance

Connecting with patients in rurual areas.Erik “Rick” Michelfelder, MD, director of the Fetal Cardiac Program at Cincinnati Children’s, sees patients hundreds of miles away by dialing into a link that is part teleconference, part Skype. [more]



 The Cautious Optimism of Biomarker Research  

The array holds as many as 1.2 million human genetic markers.Although eight years have passed since the sequencing of the human genome, John Harley, MD, PhD, is not surprised the achievement has yet to produce sweeping advances in medical diagnostics and treatment. [more]



 Thinking Small 

An MRI scanner is being developed for use in the NICU.Pint-sized MRI will help diagnose problems in preemies. [more]




 Holding on to the Future of Medicine

Having a facility like the biobank on premises will make studies conducted at Cincinnati Children’s more competitive.New repository saves precious resources for disease-fighting discoveries. [more]



 The Path to a New Drug

Dr. Sandra Nelson oversees the center’s highthroughput and high-content screening and assay development.Say you are a researcher who has spent years studying a disease. You have finally identified the protein that might be causing things to go awry in the cells. Good. And you are pretty sure that if you could manipulate that protein’s activity with a specific drug compound, it might change the course of the disease. Even better. Now what? [more]