Research Horizons at Cincinnati Children's Research Foundation

Explore highlights of the exciting research happening at Cincinnati Children's Research Foundation with Research Horizons. Each issue features recent studies published by Cincinnati Children's investigators. By combining cutting-edge research and education with the best in pediatric care, we are striving to improve the lives of children and families everywhere.

Pushing the Envelope

James McCarthy, MD.If James McCarthy, MD, is working outside of his comfort zone, you sure can’t tell. He became director of the Division of Orthopaedic Surgery last summer. He leads a team of talented orthopaedic surgeons, each doing breakthrough work. And he is overseeing plans to launch major services this year. [more]

Making Strides

Dillon Rosenlieb on the Lokomat.It was labor-intensive and not particularly safe for the therapists. So it was a huge advancement for Cincinnati Children’s to become one of the first pediatric hospitals in the country to adopt the high-tech Lokomat robotic treadmill that makes gait training a more practical and precise intervention. [more]

Mystery of Childhood Arthritis Yielding to Improved Treatments

Susan Thompson, PhD.The race is on to characterize as many as 40 genes believed to play roles in juvenile idiopathic arthritis. Dr. Susan Thompson is zeroing in on two genes of particular interest. She says they may give clues into figuring out the relationship between DNA polymorphism and biological change in a child. [more]

Deconstructing Reconstruction

Roger Cornwall, MD, and his team.Drawing a picture, throwing a ball or swinging from the bars of a jungle gym seem like simple activities for most kids. But the inner workings of nerves and muscles that make those movements possible are anything but. [more]

Young Dancer Inspired Insight into Arm-Brain Relationship

Sydney Sanborn with Charles Mehlman, MD.Sydney Sanborn was a 9-pound baby whose shoulder was pinched in the birth canal, leaving her with brachial plexus palsy. The injury damaged her left arm so severely that her mother used to safety pin her sleeve to her chest so her limb would not get in the way. [more]

Lupus Research Gets Personal

John Harley, MD. Dr. John Harley, director of Rheumatology, oversees the new Center for Autoimmune Genomics and Etiology (CAGE), which studies the genetic roots of lupus and related conditions. Cincinnati Children’s has invested more than $500,000 in the latest high-throughput DNA analysis tools. Scientists now can collect data from as many as 100 million genotypes a day. [more]

Lupus Research Improves Kids' Lives

Hermine Brunner, MD.Dr. Hermine Brunner heads the Lupus Center at Cincinnati Children’s, where doctors explore better testing, improved standards of care and more accurate dosing as children with lupus grow. [more]