Digestive Health Center

  • Membership Guidelines

    The Digestive Health Center (DHC) is one of only 17 Silvio O. Conte Digestive Diseases Research Core Centers (DDRCC) in the nation supported by the National Institutes of Diabetes & Digestive & Kidney Diseases.

    Membership is granted to Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center and University of Cincinnati Faculty based on the following criteria:

    Full Membership "Investigator"

    • Has an active funded independent peer-reviewed research in digestive disease or directs a DHC Core
    • Interacts with at least one other member of the DHC or a Director of a DHC core

    Associate Membership

    • Demonstrated commitment to digestive disease research as supported by peer-reviewed publication or pre-R01 funding

    Obligations of Membership

    • Participate regularly in DHC activities (i.e. attend weekly seminars, annual symposia and workshops)
    • Provide requested information in a timely manner for use by the DHC administration
    • Use one or more of the core services provided by the DHC
    • Acknowledgement of the use of the core facilities and assistance in research funding by stating: 
      "This project was supported in part by PHS Grant P30 DK078392." 

    Membership Renewal

    Status of Full Members will be reviewed at least every five years.

    Status of Associate Members will be reviewed at least annually. Renewal will depend on research productivity as demonstrated by peer-reviewed publications and/or extramural grant on digestive disease.

    How to Apply

    Send the following information via email to Cynthia C. Wetzel, PhD; DHC Program Manager (cynthia.wetzel@cchmc.org)

    1. Name, Title, Department, Phone number, Email
    2. Current NIH Biosketch
    3. Current NIH other support document
    4. A description of your digestive disease research (see example)
    5. 1-2 sentence description of proposed collaborations with current DHC members
    6. A list of potential core use

    The DHC Leadership will review your request with little delay.

  • DHC logo

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  • Membership Privileges

    • Discounted rates for digestive disease related projects at the core facilities
    • Priority use of the core facilities
    • Priority registration for core facility workshops
    • Inclusion on mailing and distribution lists