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    Finding the Source of Heart Disease

    The epidemic of heart disease affects growing numbers of children, at younger ages than ever. Our research focuses on identifying the origins of cardiovascular pathology and using what we learn to stop its progression. We also conduct trials of novel treatments and measure how our care is affecting long-term outcomes. Learn more.

    Towbin Earns American Heart Association Basic Research Prize for 2013

    Jeffrey Towbin, MD and co-executive director of the Heart Institute, was awarded the American Heart Association’s Basic Research Prize in November for his significant additions to the basic knowledge of cardiovascular disease in children.

    AHA President Mariell Jessup, MD, cited Towbin as an accomplished molecular pioneer in the fight to banish cardiovascular disease in children, noting that Towbin also helped to design and initiate the National Institutes of Health-funded Pediatric Cardiomyopathy Registry, the nation’s principal registry for young patients awaiting transplant.

    This award makes three for Heart Institute researchers. The AHA awarded its Basic Research prize to Heart Institute Executive Co-director Jeffrey Robbins in 2008 and Jeffery Molkentin in 2012.

    Read more about the award.

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    The primary area of research for the Division of Cardiology is the cause of heart muscle disease in children. 

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    The Cardiothoracic Surgery Division is dedicated to the surgical care of children with cardiac problems.

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