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    Health Professionals: To obtain a referral

    Healthcare professionals interested in speaking with a physician, or consulting about a patient, may call:

    Physician Priority Link: 513-636-7997 or 888-636-7997

    To schedule an appointment, send a referral or have the family call:
    513-636-4744, option 1

    Parents: To schedule an appointment

    Please call 513-636-4744, option 1, or 800-344-2462, ext. 64744, option 1.

    Parents: Forms

    New Patient Questionnaire - Download Form
    Bureau for Children With Medical Handicaps (BCMH) Documents - Download Form

    Contact and Location Information

    Administration Office

    Phone: 513-636-4744 or 800-344-2462, ext. 64744
    Fax: 513-636-7486
    Email: endocrinology@cchmc.org
    Diabetes Center: 513-636-2444



    The Endocrine and Diabetes clinics are on the second floor of Location E at the Cincinnati Children’s Burnet Campus.

    Satellite Clinics

    Endocrine clinics are also at Outpatient Anderson, Outpatient Fairfield, Outpatient Northern Kentucky, Outpatient Mason and Liberty Campus.

    Administrative Offices

    The administrative offices of the Division of Endocrinology are on the eighth floor of Location R, on the Cincinnati Children’s Burnet Campus.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Your Visit:

    1. How can I have my child seen by an endocrine physician?
      • Follow your insurance guidelines for specialty referrals.
      • Your child’s primary care physician may make a referral for the appointment.
      • If insurance permits, parents may choose to have their child seen.
    2. What should I expect at my first appointment in Endocrine Clinic?
      • Each child will have a complete history and physical exam, including full pubertal exam, with the endocrinologist.
      • Plan on two hours to complete your visit.
      • Your child may have lab work or X-rays scheduled after seeing the endocrinologist.
    3. What do I need to bring to my visit?
      • Our office will contact your referring physician or your primary care physician to obtain growth records and any other information related to your child’s visit.
      • Prior to your appointment, you will receive a patient questionnaire by mail or download (via link). Complete the form and mail it to the office, scan it and email it to us at endocrinology@cchmc.org or fax the form to 513-636-7486. You may also bring the form with you to the appointment. If you do not receive the form or cannot email it to us, call 513-636-4744 and request another form.
    4. What kind of testing will my child have?
      • Each child is different. The tests ordered depend on the reason for the visit and are based on the child’s physical exam. Testing may include lab tests or X-rays.
    5. When will I know the results of the evaluation?
      • Test results typically take two weeks. The physician will review completed tests along with your child’s history and physical to complete the evaluation. The physician or nurse will contact you with results by telephone or mail.
    6. Where will my endocrine appointment be?
      • Endocrine clinics are held at the Cincinnati Children’s Burnet Campus and Outpatient Satellites.