• Why Choose Us?

    At the Inflammatory Bowel Disease Center, we create treatment plans that are effective, evidenced-based (based on successful research), compassionate and safe. Our team of specialists are committed to helping your child or teen achieve the best possible outcomes and quality of life. We are focused on the discovery and integration of new knowledge into the care of children and adolescents with IBD. 

    Here are some reasons why our patients choose us for their care:

    • We support our adolescent and young adult patients with IBD in developing self-management skills that will promote a seamless transition of care into adulthood.
    • Partnering with patients and families is paramount in order to identify opportunities for improvement of our processes, care standards and overall outcomes.
    • Approximately 82 percent of our patients are in remission after three months of treatment.
    • Only 5 percent of our patients are on prednisone after three months of treatment, an indication of our ability to utilize steroid-sparing medications effectively.
    • Before considering surgery, we will confirm that all reasonable medical therapies have been tried. If surgery is necessary, we will collaborate with our experienced surgical team to achieve the best outcome possible.
    • Cincinnati Children’s helped establish ImproveCareNow in 2007, a quality improvement and learning network. Our physicians continue to provide leadership within the network, which now includes more than 50 member institutions in the United States and Europe.
    • Our IBD experts take a multidisciplinary approach, which includes the team members below.
    • We see more than 80 patients a year for second opinions.

    If you are considering a second opinion, please discuss this with your primary gastroenterologist and ask for a referral. We can assist with confirming your child’s diagnosis and discuss treatment options. Our multidisciplinary team will work with you to meet your child’s needs.

    For more information about our second opinion process, please contact:

    Kelly Boyer – IBD Intake Coordinator
    513-636-7805 (f)


    As part of our mission to improve the lives of children with inflammatory bowel disease, members of the Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition actively pursue research, including various aspects of IBD causes and treatment. Current studies include:

    Risk stratification and identification of immunogenetic and microbial markers of rapid disease  progression in children with Crohn’s disease.
    This multi-center project will define genetic, genomic, microbial, and immune markers of disease progression in children with newly diagnosed Crohn’s Disease. 

    Telehealth Enhancement of Adherence to Medication in Pediatric IBD (TEAM Study)
    The primary goal of this multi-center study is to test the efficacy of a telehealth behavioral treatment on medication adherence in children and adolescents with IBD. 

    Predicting Response to Standardized Pediatric Colitis Therapy: The PROTECT Study
    This project will conduct a prospective multi-center clinical trial of standardized medical therapy in pediatric Ulcerative Colitis and will identify genetic and immune predictors of response.  

    Genes, Environment, and Microbes Study
    This prospective multi-center case-control study will determine differences in genetic polymorphisms, environmental exposures, and the microbial community between first degree relatives of Crohn’s Disease patients who developed IBD and those who do not

    Characterizing the gut microbial ecosystem for diagnosis and therapy in IBD
    This multi-center project will assess the composition and biomolecular activity of gut microbes in IBD patients over time using many different experimental techniques, which will be combined to provide an extensive data resource aiding our understanding of the disease.

    Learn more about our current studies and projects.

  • Team Members

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    Our physicians are partnered with a Registered Nurse who has vast experience in managing the care of children and adolescents with inflammatory bowel disease. This unique relationship provides patients and families with a primary nurse to assist in navigating the chronic illness journey.

    • Dr. Dana “Chelly” Dykes – Julie Anderson, RN 513-803-0054
    • Dr. Shehzad Saeed – Lee Beck, RN 513-636-5835
    • Dr. Michael Rosen – Lee Beck, RN 513-636-5835
    • Dr. Lee “Ted” Denson – Lois Siegle, RN 513-636-4434
    • Dr. Phillip Minar - Lois Siegle, RN 513-636-4434

    Our team includes a psychologist with expertise in chronic illness and the specific stressors patients, parents and families may encounter. Meeting with the psychologist during times of stress or transition improves coping skills and increases quality of life.

    Our Masters-prepared social worker provides patients and parents with support and guidance in dealing with school and work issues as well as identifying resources that are helpful in managing a chronic illness. Our social worker works closely with our adolescents to develop skills necessary for successful transition to adult care.

    Growth and nutrition can often be impacted by inflammatory bowel disease. Our team consists of registered dieticians who understand how the disease effects absorption of calories and nutrients and who work with patients individually to meet the needs of growing children.

    The IBD Center has a staff of experienced research coordinators who work directly with researchers, patients and families to identify research opportunities in which patients may want to participate.

    Our team has the expertise of a QIC who is trained in improvement science. Our QIC identifies opportunities for improvement within The Center and works with the team and individuals to achieve better outcomes.
    Our team includes patients and parents who partner with us in improving the family experience. Our board assists in communicating with the inflammatory bowel disease community at large and aids us in developing and attaining strategic goals from a family perspective.
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    In a film created by Jesse Dylan, care providers participating in ImproveCareNow discuss how the program's collaborative approach is improving the health of children with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

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    Our team is comprised of specialists with a wide variety of backgrounds and areas of focus, including surgeons and psychologists.

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