• Transplant Services: Success Through Experience

    The liver transplant team at Cincinnati Children’s is one of the most experienced and skilled in the world. We regularly perform procedures considered too high-risk or complex for other programs to attempt. We’re one of only a few centers able to perform neonatal liver transplants on children smaller than 10 pounds, and we were the second transplant center in the United States to perform a segmented liver transplant. Our expertise includes the ability to perform reduced size, living-donor and split-liver transplants.

    We perform about 25 liver transplants per year, many of which are for patients younger than age 3. And our patients’ outcomes are excellent, with three-year survival rates well above the national average. Read more about our Liver Transplant Center.

  • Pediatric Liver Transplant Program Is Changing the Outcome for Patients

    Founded in 1985, the Pediatric Liver Transplant Program at Cincinnati Children’s has performed more than 500 pediatric liver transplants.

  • Contact / Refer

    Contact or refer patients to the Liver Center. Call 513-803-1791.

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  • For Patients and Families

    The Liver Care Center offers information to patients and families.

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  • Facing a Liver Transplant

    Learn about what to expect during the liver transplantation process.

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