• StarShine Hospice.

    Programs and Services

    StarShine Hospice Program

    StarShine’s Hospice Program is for children and young adults whose life expectancy is six months or less. Our Hospice Program is here to help make every moment you have with your child as comfortable and meaningful as possible.

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  • Transitions Palliative Care

    Transitions provides expert care (also known as “palliative” care) to seriously ill children in the comfort of your home. This care is designed to alleviate discomfort and to improve your child’s quality of life. It is for children who are living with life-threatening, chronic or life-limiting conditions.

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  • Perinatal Hospice

    If you have learned that the baby you are carrying has a condition for which there is no cure, we are here to help.

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  • Bereavement Care

    There is no one way to deal with the loss of a child; everyone experiences it in his or her own way. But no one should go through it alone. Our Bereavement Program is designed to help you cope with your child’s death – and celebrate your child’s life – in ways that are most meaningful to you.

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