Nathan Salomonis, PhD

Assistant Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics

Phone: 650-576-1646


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Bioinformatics; genomics; alternative splicing; microRNA biology; pathway analysis; pathway visualization; pathway curation; SIDS; stem cell biology; cardiac specification; renal graft dysfunction


Our understanding of human health and ability to treat disease is being radically transformed by new technologies to read genomes and transcriptomes at an unprecedented resolution. To capitalize on these technologies it is essential that we develop holistic models of gene biology that will best inform clinicians of disease risk. Dr. Salomonis uses computational approaches to examine the interplay between diverse modes of gene regulation, including transcription, alternative splicing and microRNA regulation that underlie important cellular interaction networks.

By applying such techniques to human disease and cellular dysfunction paradigms, we strive to shed new light on existing problems. To achieve these goals, we develop community available tools, such AltAnalyze and GO-Elite, to analyze and interpret genome-level data that is accessible by both untrained and skilled computational biologists alike. To identify global trends from complex data sets, we take advantage of pathway-driven approaches, such as WikiPathways models and aggregate large amounts of publically available data from a broad range of developmental and disease datasets available in the public domain. With these tools in hand, we strive to validate predicted functional effects in the laboratory with a diverse team of collaborative scientists.

Education and Training

PhD: University of California, San Francisco, CA, 2008.


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Bioinformatics Core for the Progenitor Cell Biology Consortium.  Co-Principle Investigator. National Institutes of Health, Heart, Lung and Blood Institute. May 2013 - April 2016. U01HL099997.